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Newcomer Contest 2010- English

Friday the 5th of March the Newcomer Contest 2010 takes place in the context of the Pre-Convention of the “Fitness & Dance Mania” !!!

For summer 2010 we are planning to weeks for the TAFF – Training Academy Fitness Festival in Duni Bulgaria:
11– 18 July, 2010
29 August – 5 September, 2010

Therefore we are looking for new, talented trainers, having the ability to be presenter.

The winners of the Newcomer-Contest 2009:
1st place: Evgeny Isupov, St. Petersburg, Russia
2nd place: Marija Nikolic, Belgrade, Serbia

Participation Conditions:
– Written registration with Curriculum Vitae and photo per e-mail.
– One CD/DVD, with buildup (ca. 10 minutes) and final product (for dance lessons).

This year we have two categories in our validation:
1) Dance –Jazz, Dance, Step, Hip Hop, Ragga, Reggaeton, Latino, Salsa, Zumba, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Street Dance, etc…
2) Wellfit – Pilates, Yoga, Yogalates, Tai Chi, all modes of Body-Toning lessons, Tae Bo, Body-Combat, Body- Attack, etc…

Warm Up and Cool Down are not necessary.

Every participant has the opportunity to apply for the Contest in either of the two categories (no additional charge for the second application).

Important assessment criteria:
• General Visual Nature, Clothing, Hair, Costume
• Self-Expression (Motivation, Presentation, Voice, Energy)
• Artistic Demonstration and Entertainment Value
• Technique (Clarity of Movements, Role Model, Radius of Movement, Body Tension, Style)
• Buildup (Methods, Didactic, Transitions, are the attendees able to follow)
• Grasp of Music (Master 1)
• Cueing, Information and Communication with the attendees
• Working with the Mirror / Face to Face, Confidence in Educating
• Complexity, Niveau of the Steps/Exercises, Creativity
• Choice of Steps/Exercises and Security of attendees

Every applicant will get a feedback per e-mail.
Registration and entry deadline: Friday 19th February, 2010
Every applicant will be notified until 28th February, 2010.
The best four (per category) are invited for the finals and present the choreographies/exercises from the video on Friday the 5th March, 2010 at the Pre-Convention of the “Fitness & Dance Mania 2010 in Vienna.

Presentation Time: 25 min.

The jury evaluates the presented performance with the „assessment criteria“ mentioned above.
The audience will be included into the decision:
The votum of the audience additionally counts up to 30% of the points.

The Finalists of the Contest will be presented at the Homepage.

The Winners of the Contest achieve appearance at the following events:
• the TAFF 2010
1 week holiday at the sea
incl. hotel in  4-5*****
participation at all lessions and activities
• the Dance Sensation 6th November, 2010
free participation at all lessons/classes

The runner-up of each category (2nd placed) achieves:
• appearance at the Dance Sensation on 6th November, 2010 (incl. Journey and hotel; if necessary)
free participation at all lessons/classes

Registration and entry deadline for participation at the Newcomer Contest is 19th February, 2010.
The participation charge for the Newcomer Contest is € 120,-
Every applicant of the Newcomer Contests receives:
a written Feedback
a ticket for the „Fitness & Dance Mania” 6th March, 2010

:-)Registration :-)


Daniel Bata Training Academy
Kaiserebersdorferstrasse 112/3/31
A- 1110 Vienna

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